I wore a dress over pants today -- it's too cold at work to wear a skirt like a normal person and the pants are black and tight -- almost like tights or leggings. No one mentioned it, but when I walked to my car with a coworker she asked me if I missed the shopping in New York because I wear a lot of eccentric clothes. THAT is funny, since all my stuff is JC Penney, Target, Old Navy, etc. But if someone wants to think I'm New York, that's OK. I'm as far from New York as you can get now.

The pants and dress combo did keep me a little warmer -- plus the normal sweater, shawl and lap blanket. Charming. I look like I'm preparing for a blizzard or something. But it used to be a server room where they kept computers, so it's either full blast or nothing. Hrm. Broken record, I know.

I've gone from completely controlling my environment when I worked from home to being completely at the mercy of others -- as in I can't set the temperature, I can't set the volume of anything or control ... anything! It's an adjustment. Welcome to the working world again, I suppose.

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