With the shorter hair and faux professionalism I'm trying to project I've taken to blowdrying most days. Gone are the rocker chic days, even though my hair's ends are razored in such a way that, if I were in the beautiful New York crisp weather, would lay smooth after being flat ironed. But in this humidity ... the ends curl as soon as I step out in the garage.

I can't complain, because I get into a car, crank the AC and get to an ice box office post haste. But the ~5 minutes in the outdoors is all it takes to give my hair some "lift" -- aka pouf. Mufassa returns!

But really it stays semi-straight and looks OK. Not corkscrew curly or anything -- although my hair will certainly curl in this weather. Always good to have options I guess. And always my hair will go straighter after it's had a day or two to be free and curly. Weirdest thing.

Another perk of the humidity is smoother skin. Someone said it's an insta-facial when you walk outside, and I guess that's true. I still have this ridiculous eyebrow dandruff that crops up. TMI?!

I guess if I can worry about my hair things aren't all bad. And really they are not. Chugging along in all aspects and trying to feel settled. For now, I'll be pretending though. Tra la.

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(Laughing) For the love !!

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