Hug or Handshake?

Can a hug ever be business-appropriate?

I think handshakes are much more appropriate in a professional situation, but someone already hugged me at my new job. It was when I was leaving Silver Spring -- the woman who had been so helpful to me in Baton Rouge (she'd been down "on rotation") and in headquarters. But it just seemed weird.

She'd never have hugged a male colleague she'd known for three days. Would she?

What do you think about hugging colleagues? This isn't an issue for me at work, and I'm struggling with so many other things, but still it was hanging around in my brain and thought I'd post it out there.

I don't like touching people in general. In fact, a quality I look for when church shopping is NOT having a "pass the peace" and touch every germy hand in the vicinity. Clearly I have issues.

P.S. First home football game this weekend. E-freaking-gads!

*EDIT -- not HOME game ... that happens NEXT weekend. Also, I remembered another person who hugged me within the first week of work. Good heavens!


Anonymous said...

I already mentioned in my other note what I wish I could say again here.


(a) you're not in NYC anymore - everyone who passes you on the street isn't the boogey man.

(b) I agree it is food for thought, but I don't think she was terribly out of line for initiating such a greeting, and I don't think that you are out of line for pausing (at least in thought) over it.

(and I'm sure that's all quite a concession from me!)

Anonymous said...

PS - go to the football games - you won't be able to tell the difference size-wise between mice and the football.

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