15 January 2009

Update: I'll Never Be a Figure Skater ... Or a Hockey Player

Here's the story as I'm telling my coworkers, more or less:

I should have KNOWN better than to try to have NYC-fun. Last night we went ice skating in central park, with the tall buildings around us, it was gorgeous. Shawn and I had never done it before, so we were clinging to the wall.

I used to roller skate a lot as a kid, and I was getting the hang of the ice, moving away from the wall a bit to move around stragglers, etc. When I did that on the end of my 4th round, a faster skater swooshed by me (at least that’s the story I’m telling) and I lost my balance, lunging toward the wall and falling on my knee while my leg kind of twisted out…

Once I got off the rink I was able to walk/limp to the bus stop (no way was I taking the subway with all the stairs). This morning it was hurting SO bad and was so swollen – I couldn’t even move around our dinky apartment with Shawn’s help…

So we went to the ER and I now have crutches and know it isn’t broken. If it’s not better in a week I’ll follow up.

This makes three giant “only in New York” horror stories – the bedbugs, Waldorf shooting and the ice skating that led to an ER visit… This city is truly trying to tell me something… :-P

UPDATE - thanks to Holly who points out I never say WHAT is swollen and hurt - it's my left knee...

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