Knee Jerk

I feel like a jerk - a big useless pansy jerk. But let's re-cap yesterday's trip to the ER, which when you think about it, makes ice skating the most expensive NYC-activity in which I have partaken (and I've got tickets to West Side Story in March!)...

I woke up and the knee was swollen and I couldn't walk at all. I was crying and the whole thing was just embarrassing. Shawn had to help me put on my socks! After some bickering and online searching we decided to go to an "in network" ER. there aren't any walk-in clinics in our insurance network, and the NYU university health center is for students only if you can believe that crap.

So it was snowing and colder than a witches you-know-what, and I'm hobbling/hopping on one foot in the icy streets while he gets a cab. The end result was a day (a good 5 hours anyway) in the ER/fast track section (where I continued to take work calls, as I had three conference calls scheduled AND was really sitting and waiting for most of the time anyway). They took X-rays (nothing broken), gave me a scrip for Vicodin, wrapped up the knee and gave me crutches. At least now I can get around (and I have more in common with Dr. House* than just my dry wit!)

I am taking a lot of ibuprofen/Motrin - which seems to help. And I took Vicodin last night, but when I woke up this morning I thought I was going to throw up** - I got super pale and had to lie down and sleep for another 45 minutes. Once I ate lunch I felt better, but by now the Vicodin should definitely be out of my system. SO I don't know if I'll chance that again tonight or just stick with the Motrin.

All of this proves that NYC hates me and wants me to leave. I would oblige, but still waiting to hear on job opportunities for my husband. Praying we go somewhere near one set of parents.

~mari (adding sig to this entry to give clear definition for the asterisk/footnotes)

*The actor who plays House, the GENIUS Hugh Laurie, will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight - as part of "The Band from TV" - a band created by Greg Grunberg, actor on Heroes and Felicity.

**I promise this is NOT morning sickness. I can't handle another rumor flying about me like that - although I'm sure those will be relentless until there's actually some TRUTH to that!

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