Tales from the Library

My library stories could never top my mom's, but this one was pretty good.

Last Saturday I went to the library and trudged through the snow to pick up a book (previously reviewed Moose). While in line, a little girl and her brother were handing out slips of paper to patrons. They explained that they were tickets to next week's circus.

Their mom was in line in front of me, and I could gather that the girl's name was Erin (she was probably 6 or 7) and the boy's name was Nicholson (!) (he was probably 3-4).

While I continued to wait, with my two new circus tickets, Erin and I had this conversation:

E: "Guess what I've got on under here?" indicating under her sweater.
M: "I don't know, what?"
E: "A BATHING SUIT!" cracking herself up
M: "WHAT?! Are you going swimming in this weather?" laughingly as well
E: "No way!"

Then Erin's mom said they had done "summertime in wintertime" earlier that morning. I told her I had seen that very thing on a Little Bill episode not too long ago. She laughed at that, and we moved on.

Kind of sweet, and reminds me of my deep desire to be a mom myself. And makes me miss Owen like nobody's business (because without him I wouldn't know who Little Bill is, not to mention Thomas, Bob and Pinky Dinky Doo)...

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