Ideas for Posts Runneth Over

After the hiatus of travel, I have lots of material to write. But no time to write it... So I'm going to do some bullets, some of which will hopefully inspire me to write full posts ... if not, they can be memory joggers for myself when i'm looking back on this blog. So, in no particular order, my holiday in bullets:
  • The sweetest five year old ever telling me about her new "princess diarrhea" when she meant princess diary. Man, I had fun playing with her and seeing GIRL toys!
  • Playing Wii bowling
  • Snuggling on the air mattress
  • A goodbye smooch at the airport - was a really good kiss
  • Baking cookies at Dale's ... and realizing all the things she needs to have a cookie-friendly kitchen (uh, timer anyone?! and a big, big bowl?)
  • Watching movies at Diannia's - HEART ATTACK (seriously, she called it when an old guy grabbed his ELBOW that he was having a heart attack!)
  • Crazily searching for wifi in Danville when Dale's internet went out (when in reality it was just the faulty wires)
  • Three words: Super China Buffet (pronounced like Jimmy's last name)
  • Seeing our Christmas card cartoons, 2007 crocheted wreath ornaments with our pictures and wedding bell favors in everyone's houses
  • Church in Danville - friendly folks, and at Christmas Eve service - the MOST embroidered Christmas-themed vests and shirts I've ever seen assembled in one place
  • Chickens, geese and turkeys under the water tower near the church
  • Silent night - singing while the candles were lit
  • Dale's description of communion - very visceral
  • The sweet little girl in a Santa dress who made faces and me and Shawn during the CE service
  • The boob cup in Steve's basement - and Robbie pointing it out to me and Shawn ... NICE
  • Shopping with Dale - including a 30 minute interlude at Belk's where we brainstormed ideas for Shawn gifts
  • The Legion Christmas party - too smoky
  • All the fast food stops and stores in Danville (did I mention they now have a Sonic?! HUZZAH) ... Papa John's pizza
  • Watching a movie with Dale that had VERY graphic scenes (FYI leave the "uncut" versions of R rated movies for home viewing!)
  • Cooking dinner at Dale's on Xmas Eve - steak, rolls, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole
  • Dale's Ephemera Encyclopedia - now I hear the word everywhere and am becoming obsessed (or maybe I always was and just didn't have the WORD for it)
  • Juggling Owen's head (so funny and probably bad for his spine ... never again)
  • Patty cake variation: "Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll 'em, THROW 'EM IN A PAN!" where the last part is screamed while throwing up Owen's hands ...
  • Great discovery set - too much fun (Thomas is havin' a whale of a time, he's trapped inside a disused mine; He's rockin and rollin down the flooded track; We just can't say when he's comin' baaaaack)
  • Wall E and Kung Fu Panda (although I slept through 2/3 of KFP - LOVED Wall-E)
  • Boo hoo Choo Choo, don't be afraid of the dark ... part of the "Thomas and the Jet Engine" DVD I bought Owen ... Auntie M is a sucker for that sweet face!
  • Dancin on New Year's Eve to the original Armadillo Express
  • Owen snoozin' with 15 minutes left in 2008 (no new year's kiss at all!)
  • The MOST talkative cabbie in the universe. I could only hear every 3rd word he said ... and I'm pretty sure he ignored my responses. Made for an unbearably long ride - plus he went the long way to get to our apartment ...
  • Forget snakes on a plane - there was a DOG on my plane... in my row in fact. UGH.
  • My small roll-y luggage was too fat to fit in the overhead bins - so I ended up checking it. But checking plane side meant no $15 fee. So there's that
Obviously I made more notes from D'Ville than I'Town. Hrm. Will try to think of others to add to my list.

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