New York Times: Bedbugs

Right - there's an editorial in today's New York Times about bedbugs (thanks to my boss' boss for pointing it out to me - gotta love it when someone sees bedbugs they think of me!).

I submitted a 150 word letter to the editor. I should hear within seven days whether they're going to publish it. And if not, I'll be free to post it here. Writing so briefly was a CHALLENGE to say the least - so I wrote first and then chopped and edited to get it down. Kind of fun. I forgot how much I missed ... oh wait, I do that kind of thing every month with our newsletter. Nevermind. :)

Anyway, the article is about the lack of help people can get for bedbugs - i.e. no one agency has all the information you need... I can attest to that. PLUS looking online can just make your heart sink, because you end up with horror stories and such. An excerpt from the editorial (which you should really read!!!)
Complaints about bed bugs in New York City are rising steadily. As any health official can attest, the only good thing about these nighttime pests is that they don’t seem to cause disease. That doesn’t count panic attacks and the outsize frustration for residents who try to get help from a maze of local and state bureaucracies.
Unrelated update: I'm expecting to go ice skating tonight for the first time. Here's hoping I don't fall and re-injure my back (it's been feeling a little twingy this week - maybe has to do with the cold weather?)...

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