Nothing Is Working...

I can't log into my work's website content management system. Pretty problematic. Everyone else seems to have no trouble, SO I'm packing up this afternoon to try out working at Starbucks. If I still can't access it from there, then I'll know it's more than just me ... but I don't know where I'll go to find access. (The CMS login worked for me up until Wednesday, it was only yesterday that I started having a problem - and we've reset the router, modem and tried different configurations and computers to see if we could connect - No, sir)

Of COURSE, I've got a TON of web work to do in preparation for next Wednesday - a release and added content to the site ... so I'm losing time because of whatever the problem is. So solution needs to come to me soon. Grrr.

Another work website lets me log in, but it doesn't have any content on the admin side (although the front ends of all sites are working OK, which is good). I am three weeks behind on updating the contact information on that site - just because the admin site itself was messed up b/c of PHP upgrades/roll backs and what-have-you.

Our URL masks a subsite - basically a group/social networking site - and no one outside of the office network (including me) can see it - and I can't get answers/clarification as to why this might be happening. Maybe has something to do with DNS - maybe not. I feel ignored by the web and IT people who work for RA. Does everything I'm involved with technically have to turn to dust?!

Gone to the gym a few times this week, and planning to go again tonight. Scheduling is hard. I'll never be someone who hops out of bed, and working from home, my mornings are SLOW to start. SO I have been going to the gym after work, which really impedes my ability to make dinner, since by the time I get back it's after 7 pm and I'm weak and wobbly. Maybe I'll resolve my issues and get a better schedule, or at least be less weak and plan meals better. I REALLY wish I had my crock pot - it's in my bedroom at my mom's house, probably in the closet or something. Blurgh.

OK, am going to do a little photo editing/resizing and then am going to bundle up (baby, it's COLD outside ... and snow expected tomorrow!) and head to Starbucks in hopes of connecting and getting some web work done. (posting the resized images is only PART of the plan - oiy)


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