write myself a letter

Gearing up to do NaBloPoMo - national blog post month, which is November. Going to try to post something every day for thirty days. Won't be exceptional journalism, but hopefully something. Twitter doesn't count? Hrm.

Shawn was up most of the night with a stomach bug. I'm hopeful that it was just food borne - I'm not sick yet. Knock on wood. He went to a work reception yesterday afternoon and that is hopefully the source of his illness. Of course he got sick in the bathroom at the event we went to last night, leading to a hasty retreat, but hopefully no harm done. He's resting now and trying to re-hydrate.

BIGGEST BUMMER - no finite element circus for me. I was SO looking forward to getting the heck out of dodge and away from this apartment - hoping for some skin relief or something. But not to be. I could still go - Shawn may actually trek up there to give a talk tomorrow, depending on how he feels. BUT if I'm going to get sick I'd rather be sick here than there, so there's that. SHIZA.

Doctor called me back last night during the event and left a message - all blood work is clear. So stop the steriods and do a repeat biopsy. I need to call back and ask about allergy tests. Also the chiropractor suggested looking at liver function. WTF ever. I'm so over this but SO not as the itching and scabbing and grossness is at a new level. UGH.

dream a little dream of me.

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