starbucks in the morning

well - the exterminators will be at our apartment sometime today. i'm at starbucks - have internet here until at least 10:30 ... hopefully longer. after lunch i'm going to try the public library. having a lot of trouble accessing the shared drive at work ... but have to keep trying to get the poll data up on the site ... we're releasing it today at 10:30. hope my internet lasts until then. oiy.

i have a headache to beat all headaches and am just feeling generally dazed and sad and overwhelmed. we should be able to get back in to the apartment tonight and start arranging and unpacking. we're going to put the bed in a different place and will have more room without the queen size bed!

i don't think i'll ever be comfortable in the apartment again - not entirely. and i still have to live, sleep and work there. i'm going to ... i don't know, go even more bonkers than i am? we'll see.

good news - my skin is getting better. my arms look almost normal. my feet and legs are still scratched up and scarred - those are the most recent places i have been bitten (because i flipped around on the bed one night and then when we slept on shawn's bed while my bed was still in the room our feet were pointed toward my bed ... so i got more bites on my feet and ankles.

i cannot WAIT to be flying out of here for the Thanksgiving wedding extravaganza weekend.

OH, today i've known Shawn for FOUR YEARS... and it's our five month wedding anniversary. so there's that.

more later i'm sure.


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