at the bucks

woke up today - to everything grey...and all that i saw - just kept going on...and on...

yeah, everything was on except our cable modem. no matter what i tried, which outlet i plugged it in to - NOTHING. totally busted. so i'm at starbucks with the AT&T wifi (unsure if it lasts two hours or indefinitely...) and waiting for lunch time to go back home.

we have to get a new modem from Time Warner Cable. somehow I'm thinking that won't be easy. and apparently they won't let you use your own - so it's not like i can just go to Staples and buy a new modem. for PETE's SAKE!

this starbucks has been redone recently - it's funny. the counter was the main change - chairs and all still the same. but they have the employees doing shifts at the bathroom - as in they stand at the head of the line and let one person go in at a time. WEIRD. and i also saw an employee make a homeless guy leave. hrm. but with my laptop and latte (OK, venti coffee but was going for alliteration), i'm just another yuppie working away. i probably look like a student because of my jeans and flip-flops (it's been a while since I've been outside in the morning - it was actually COLD, but i was in too much of a rush to go back and change).

without my programs on my work computer i'm relegated to just email, powerpoint and blogging/web updating. there's plenty of that to do -- but i have two big design projects. i'll work on them at home this afternoon, then there's a staff meeting that i can be offline for ... and then it will be another search for wifi. i SHOULD be able to log on to the university's network - i have an email address but don't know how to access it... a project for later today.

i should also get my biopsy/blood work results today. i don't trust that doctor any farther than i can throw him, so i'll probably have to call him this afternoon to get the results. at least it keeps things interesting.

because i'm off the second round of steroids the hives are getting worse - i have some on my face and one comes up on my eyelid ... real cute. i've got to keep my stitches covered - and apparently i'm having a reaction to the band-aid adhesive (and it's NAME BRAND!) ... because i've got a really red, painful patch where the band-aid was yesterday. I twisted the bandage to cover a different area - but ... if it's not one thing, it's twenty others.

OH! the bathroom employee left her station and two people went in together!!!


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