A Jump on Things

I am all sorts of CRAZY itchy...

Called the doctor today - he's not there on Mondays, but my results are in. No, they can't tell me anything - the doctor has to look at them first. Hopefully he'll be in and call tomorrow... I need him to refer me to someone who knows what they're doing.

I'm spending time looking at FUN FUN FUN sites online - shopping and thinking and making lists ... of things to buy for people for Christmas. I mean, how nerd-a-lert can I get? But I'm just "shopping" and filling up online carts and not buying. Kind of an online social media no-no I guess - really skews and screws up those sites' numbers. Yeah, I don't care.


And then I could spend HOURS on Etsy.com. I could look at the crochet stuff for ages - not to buy but to think "i could do that" and then not do it. And I-LOVE-PAPER. I mean, stationery would be something I could spend and spend and spend on... But I can only write so much and I already have an entire drawer full of cards and paper and envelopes (not to mention the left over thank you notes from the wedding - which are in their own drawer...the wedding gave me an excuse and I bought!).

Guess I should start dinner. Maybe just one more spin around the interwebs.

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