i got my stitches out today. so that's good. the bloodwork wasn't all back - the one test they were waiting for was to show if i have urticaria (hives) - i guess it tests if my body has antibodies. i don't know. the rest of my bloodwork was normal, as was the biopsy.

i got a prescrip for another round of prednisone. it is not fun - makes me hungry and jittery... and it's a lot of work to keep track of X pills for Y days, then X-1 pills for Y days, etc. until you get down to 1/2 pill for Y days. and I get distracted easily. Will have to pay attention to this.

I'm still going to find another dermatologist who specializes in skin reactions/allergies (rather than a Botox-pusher)... Shawn's doctor recommended one, and he is on our insurance, so I'll call next week to make an appointment. I got a copy of my bloodwork so far, and once the original dermatologist calls me to say what the results of the final blood test was I'll send them a letter asking for a complete copy of my file.

Being a grown up is the PITS!


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