Take It Easy

-- I said to the guy I rode the elevator up with. What a D-Word thing to say, right? He didn't respond, but that's mostly because of my croaky throat.

Beth was right that I should expect relapses. This cold/whatever has come back, although certainly not as fierce as it was the first time around.

Related: after church, the lady sitting in front of us told me she liked my singing voice and enjoyed listening to me. (The songs we sang were familiar, so I was really getting into it.) Part of that was the deepening of my voice due to phlegm, but I'll take what I can get!

Last night we went to dinner with the church young adult group to all-you-can-eat BBQ. It was really tasty food, and the company was good overall. A few glitches in the conversation, especially when talking about the lettuce incident, the only other interaction I've had with anyone in the group. Apparently many of the people who go to the free lunch program aren't homeless, so they would have a fridge to keep the lettuce viable and/or a kitchen to prepare it as a salad or otherwise. We were invited to come back and volunteer again, but we'll see.

Coughing spell hitting me hard, so signing off for now. After dinner, maybe some tea and early to bed. But we'll see how that plan works out!

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