A Love Song

Today was the day where it never ended. I had to call it quits a little after six because my propensity for errors was catching up with me, and I needed some exercise and time out of the apartment.

After juggling what seemed like a million different things and projects both long term and immediate, my mistake filled day was capped when I misspelled a guy's name. Luckily not to his face and before the thing went out, but still. Credibility and attention to details. Pshaw. Work overall left a bad taste in my mouth, and I felt yech on leaving for the gym.

My hair is "growing" on me, although my hair would look OK as long as it's flattened no matter what the cut. It's still a bad haircut and a triangular shape that's not so good for my round Moon Pie face.

The laundry is piled up ... I think I'm out of socks for tomorrow.

I let myself get so hungry that the idea of making dinner is feeling daunting.

But on the walk back from the gym, I realized this: any day that I get to have the one I love the most love me back is a pretty good day.

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