Resolving Sentimentality

Although we're almost half-way through January, I've started thinking about resolutions. I've got them into categories, and most I started before 2009 ended but never really codified them. I won't detail them here, but the general categories are Fitness (i.e. gym going and healthier eating), Savings ($$$), Giving (also $$$), Crochet (baby boom underway for people in all parts of my life!) and the ever-present struggle Organization (both workwise and personally).

This was in my Upper Room email this week, and I liked it, want to save it here because it goes with my fitness resolution and how that is really the impetus for a more-than-a-resolution focus on my faith: "Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future."-1 Timothy 4:8 (TEV)

As I was putting away Christmas stuff I found myself losing some sentimentality. This year I tossed almost all of our received cards. Then I found that last year I had saved every single one, but the chain was broken and I had to throw these out too. The pack rat in me says "I would love to look at these from year to year, you've thrown out something priceless" and the clutter-busting girl in me says "Good job." (That's also what Shawn said when I told him.) I saved the picture cards -- with babies and such. My mom had a Christmas book (probably still does) with picture cards she had received that we always liked to look through each year, even if we didn't know the people/they were friends from her pre-Oklahoma days. So I guess I can still do that. Or am I just a grinch and should have saved everything?! Too late now.

Aunt Lee Ann gave Shawn this Mensa puzzle-a-day calendar that we have been LOVING. I am good at the word puzzles and Shawn, of course, kills the number/math ones. Together we're a pretty good team (and not just at Mensa puzzles, mind you).

This is my seven hundredth post, since that first one in Boston from the 2005 WAM conference I went to with Katrina, then grad school friend, now Facebook friend.

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