Home Again

I've written this post, or variations on it, as many times as I've come home from Oklahoma, although most times it would be written in my hard-copy journal. Things seem a mess here. My arms feel empty and I keep finding things to tell Beth and Mama. I know time will heal this ache, but I ALSO know that tomorrow, when I'm home working alone, it will be the worst. Today has been busy and Shawn is around, so I'm buffered a bit. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think.

Travel back was relatively easy. I expected to be much more delayed than we were -- thinking that the flight from O'Hare to New York would be ridonkulous, but it was not. We almost missed the connection: once we landed from OKC (early), we had to wait until our gate was cleared, then another plane was broken down in our path. Finally on the NYC-bound flight, I thonk our seat mate on the head with my coat in my haste to put up my suitcase (she was very nice about it, but I spent the whole time fretting), and of course we sit at the gate and then on the runway for a long time. (Fueling, then needing the number of suitcases to prepare the flight path!) Finally landed and got a quick taxi home (surly driver, but who wouldn't be at 12:30 am on a freezing cold January night?).

Our mailbox was empty, so we spent the night thinking we didn't get ANY more Christmas cards. Luckily the doormen had held our mail, but the doorman on night duty (who made me cry the first time I met him) couldn't be bothered. So all is well with the mail, but blimey.

In the stupidest-thing-I've-done-so-far-in-2010 category, I left my dadgum cell phone charger in OK, so I have a dead cell. We have the land line and I have a work number now so probably not a problem for work, but still. Beth is sending it to me tomorrow, so I should have it by the end of the week.

Today was a good church service and basketball game, and we came home to make cauliflower-hamburger soup. Pretty good, but of course I burn my tongue. THEN I try to order FreshDirect and all the slots for tomorrow are taken. There are instructions to call (I pay for an unlimited delivery pass, and one of the benefits is always being able to get a slot), and so now I'm waiting for a call back, hoping I can get my order delivered tomorrow. Otherwise, it'll be a Tuesday delivery for our groceries. Gretch!

Read a couple more books on the plane that I will add to Good Reads and here. Otherwise, it will be a work week getting everything back in order. We'll see how that goes!

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