Ice, Ice Baby

Beth took this picture and I stole it to post here ... looks a lot different from when we were swimming there over Labor Day!

The electricity is out in Indiahoma, but luckily Beth has power (and two days off school so far) so she was able to upload photos for my enjoyment! It's bitterly cold here, but no precipitation to speak of. We had beautiful snowfall on Thursday (?), and now just cold cold temperatures.

There's more basketball on TV than I can watch, but I'm enjoying what I can. We're also big NYU women's basketball fans (it's almost ridiculous how much I love that team), so it was great to watch them win last night.

However, it was "Tear it Up" night, which is when the university gives the students free food and T-shirts to lure them to an athletic event. It's kind of humiliating that it's the only reason the kids show up.

Even worse -- about 4 minutes left in the game and the entire student body stands up to line up for the free food. They had to stop the game because the students spilled onto the floor. I confess that I actually like it BETTER when there are fewer people in the stands -- easier to stretch out/be comfortable AND there aren't any entitled little butt wipes sitting behind us making snide comments about the irony that they, hipster doofus kings, are at a sporting event. Oh brother.

There's a game tomorrow that should be less crowded, and hopefully we can see the team earn another W. In the meantime I'm going to try to make progress on my crochet projects. Can't wait to share the finished products here!

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