Statistically Speaking

Ten years ago I was taking statistics. I killed that class.

Last week I signed up for a Feedburner e-mail feed as part of a contest, and it said "welcome back" and "check your feeds," so I did. I realized my blog has quite a few subscribers. However, when I checked I realized most of those are from FriendFeed, so I went there and pretty sure the people following me don't actually read ... it's just noise/a way that FF is boosting subscriber count for its users. So that doesn't seem to be any big deal, but still weird. Especially because I don't actually follow anyone on FF. I just shoot out all my stuff there. It would be a stalker's delight, with almost all my online activity in one handy feed. Maybe I should rethink that ...

A few weeks ago I looked at my Google Analytics, and my Anastasia afghan post with pictures was a huge draw on a specific day in November -- more than 200 hits. But the referring information didn't give many clues as to why the traffic spike ... I have a feeling it may have been included in an email, because a lot of the referring information seemed to be related to email servers. Odd!

Started this post on 1/14, but publishing after work on 1/19. Such is life.

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