Abby's Scarf

I got confirmation that Abby opened her Christmas gift (the snow kept our full family present opening from happening at Gran's). So I can post the photo here, although I'm also 100% sure that Abby doesn't read this blog, but I'm cautious like that I guess.

Anyway, this worked up so beautifully, using two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, and made a really cool ruffle. I added a fifth row of DC ruffle to the free LB pattern: North Pole Ruffle. I was able to create this in an afternoon, the particularly snowy Saturday before Christmas break. I still wish I'd been able to find the sparkly holiday yarn, but this "Hepplewhite" yarn looked really nice too.

I used the top/front of a Christmas card with a safety pin to include the name of the pattern, the care instructions from the yarn sleeve and the type/color name of yarn used. The leftover yarn made a nice pom pom to add to the box as wrapping garnish!

Abby Scarf
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