Volunteers in Mission

Today's church service was a mission trip wrap-up. A team recently went to Chile and helped build a classroom and put on a vacation Bible school for some children there. Part of our service was in Spanish and we even sang some in Spanish too. That was pretty cool.

The four volunteers spoke, and one talked about the "mountain-top" experience and how you can get that even without going on a mission trip. Just look for God in the small things - in the perfectly formed spiderweb or playing with a puppy (two things she found while she was in Chile). It made sense to me, but maybe I would like to be in service beyond these walls (I'm in service to my hometown church with its website, which sorely needs updating, but I digress).

As part of the service we sang "Here I am, Lord." Man, that song really moves me. It's beautiful and has strong associations for me. I learned it when I was about 10 - we sang it at church after a team went to Alaska to build a church building there. One of the volunteers was my father. And I remember missing him and being proud of him while he was gone, and when he came home they taught us this song (which had been in the UMC hymnal all along!). He had grown a beard and looked as happy as I've ever seen him.

Here's the chorus: "Here I am, Lord. Is it I lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord. If you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart."

Really a beautiful and moving song.


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