Overheard at the Chiropractor

Funny-ish story.

A patient comes into the adjustment room with a sock on his shoulder. The doctor just thinks it's static cling but tells him it's there. He flushes and has to tell her this story.

As he was getting dressed, he put one sock on and then noticed he needed to trim his toenails. So he took the sock off and slung it on his shoulder, did the trimming and couldn't find the sock/didn't remember where he put it. So he just got dressed and put on different socks.

He went through his ENTIRE day without noticing a sock on his shoulder ... and that means no one told him about it except the doctor.

People are funny - and I'm funny for overhearing stuff and telling it. (I overheard the receptionist re-telling the story to the other doctor, not the actual conversation between patient and doctor - that would be weird!)

Uh ...

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