joke's on me

HA! it's my mother-in-law who did ALL the searches for "mari shawn harry potter," which makes sense. (Note - the image is on

So struggling for blog identity is a bit like self identity I suppose. I could focus my writing a bit more, be less haphazard. Write about city escapades? (Focusing on the "hate NYC" market - HA?) More about the things I read and think and say? I mostly think about work though. Hrm.

Newlywed blogs abound, and there's a lot being written about nesting and fun stuff like that (I read some of course), but I don't nest anymore. I hope to again someday, but for now I'm just roosting - getting through.

Crochet is a minor part of my life, not something I could write about even weekly. I just use this blog to share my finished projects and some works in progress.

I love Owen, and our interactions are weekly - webcamming. But there's only so much gushing about a four-year-old others can take. (I have a separate Owen blog for that anyway)

I'll keep thinking...

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