Love & Hate Tuesday

In an idea stolen from Keep Up With Me, I thought I'd do a list of loves and hates today - including describing just how my day when yesterday (hint: my eyes are still gummy and don't want to be open).
  • Love - the look of snow, falling and blanketing the passing country as I speed by in the train.
  • Hate - the feel of snow, stepping outside into it at 5:15 a.m., without my snow boots (they're broken/need to be repaired, although I should have worn them anyway) and the delay of snow to train travel - the conductor had to stop at a station and scrape out the spaces between the cars
  • Love - train travel in general
  • Hate - freezing train travel (when the doors are kept open by the previously mentioned scraping); I was so cold for the entire 3+ hour ride (and we all know I'm NOT cold natured) ... maybe it had something to do with my feet getting cold on the walk to the subway (no cabs to be had out there you know) and never really warming up! Also train delays - my return train broke down THREE (3) times. I had finished early and caught an earlier train than I expected, but I ended up getting to the station a mere 20 minutes earlier than I would have had I stuck with my original schedule. Sheesh!
  • Love - the feeling of being so tired I can just drift off to sleep quickly
  • Hate - having to wake up at 5 am and drag through the day to get that feeling - am still dragging today as a result, even though I got a solid nine hours of sleep - my stupid body craves more like 10 or 11 to be its happiest
I think that's enough.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay for being inspired to write a love/hate post! :)

I'm feeling you on HATING the early mornings. The only time I can remember getting up that early (or earlier) in the past year or so was when I was going to the airport -- or taking a friend to the airport. :)

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