Mari Shawn Harry Potter

HA - when I looked at my blog stats (for the first time this year, I'm really not a good social media person on this end) the top keyword was something like "Mari Shawn Harry Potter" - yeah not a lot of people I don't know come to this blog, but most of them who find it via keyword did so with those?! Anyway, here's the photo I would think someone would be looking for if they searched for "mari shawn harry potter" or "Mari Shawn Harry Potter" or some variation thereof. (Including adding "silvermari" to the mix) And yes, I do know that only people who DO know me (and Shawn) would know to search for this!


Mari Shawn Harry Potter Silvermari Hermoine
Oh, and GO VIOLETS!!! (Note to the NYU webmaster - I surely wish there were a place on the website to wish the ladies luck!)

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Anonymous said...

FOR the love...

Searching for is a heck of a lot easier than remembering 1000webcustomers.

And I suppose that blogging just to be a blogger is overrated.

My sense of your blog has always been that people in your real, Oklahoma world would have an easy way to get an overview on just how you've been living your life. When everyone is updated on the general, day-to-day stuff, you can then devote more time to the specifics which relate to each individual bond you have.

Me thinks that you need to be more controversial in order to develop a mass 'blog' following, and I can't really see a reason to strive for that.

I mean, you never know when a blogging sex worker from Minnesota is going to write a screen play on a laptop at a Starbucks and go on to win Academy Awards for it. Outside of that unlikely scenario, the rest of the blogging world doesn't exactly know what each individual blogger strives to achieve.

It varies by individual, but identifying the goal beFORE gauging and grading the website numbers is critical.

~someone who qualifies both as someone you know, and someone you don't know


FTL (again)

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