M-E-H. That spells meh.

Watching a little OU women's basketball on ESPN. I'd forgotten my sports bone, but madness is bringing it out. Maybe I'll be a better college sports fan next year. I think we'll be better NYU women's BB fans/start going to games earlier in the season.

So, the Norway trip off - need to discuss but FYI. Some tax issue - basically NYC taxes were never taken out of my check (and believe me, NYC charges a high price for the privilege of living in relative squalor) so I have a big payment to make in the next couple weeks. Shawn's solution was cancel this trip, so that's the plan. I've got a passport though and will travel if the opportunity arises. I've also got a week's vacation already approved. Somehow I don't imagine I'll be actually taking it off. Hrm.

I've been awake since before 6 today and slept only a few hours on Sunday night as well. Haven't really been eating well - no one to blame but myself. But come on. It's hard to get it together when together consists of sitting in a room alone on a phone or e-mailing.

Webcamming tonight because tomorrow we're going to see a play. Owen is getting more interactive - he sent me kisses through the computer (but they came out of the duct tape behind me instead of my camera! what kind of silly goose thinks of that???) and he told me about trains, how they work and his favorites (steamies like Thomas). He also knows quite a bit about the Statue of Liberty - when Beth was here I bought him a book about it at the Scholastic Store in SoHo. OMG he's the cutest (and he's never going to say OMG again!) ... I can't wait for Easter to go give him a SQUEEEEEEEZE!

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