TIBTIL: Mr. Coffee Latte Maker

This Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte maker is a thing that I bought that I love.

It was a gift to myself after doing some freelance work. My mom bought one that I got to try out when I saw home in March, and I've coveted it ever since.

It doesn't make a true latte, because the coffee made is not espresso (it's just regular drip-coffee) and the milk isn't steamed, just warmed and frothed. It should probably technically be called cafe au lait. But it is so convenient and tastes GREAT that it beats a latte in my book. (Not to mention the savings if I were to compare the cost to a Starbucks or CC's latte.)

I've had it for almost a week, and I've made a latte at least once every day. It can make two at a time, so I usually drink two at a time! I use decaf coffee in the afternoons, and it still tastes deliciouso!

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