Latest Hair Morph

Here's my latest haircut, about six or seven months since my last. It manages to be both too short AND too long at once. It has a distinct MULLET feel.


I went back to the first salon I tried in BR -- a different stylist because the one I originally went to has left, and in my hormonal state she was the reason I never went back (for leaving a small chunk of hair longer than the rest).

Shawn doesn't understand why I'm not more forceful -- I should have said "HEY! Can you cut some more off the back? I want it shorter." And I don't really understand either.

But when I'm in the chair I feel like I owe it to the professional to make the finishing touch decisions (although in my defense I did say I'd like it about shoulder length). The stylist was worried about how short it would be when curly, because it definitely does bounce up a lot. He said "better to have it too long than too short and end up looking like a Christmas tree." He didn't say it snarkily, but you get the point.

Also when I went in my hair was au naturel -- nothing in it, no styling, very wide and big and bushy -- looking exactly like a Christmas tree now that you mention it.

Maybe I can get used to it, but I think when the front dries curly it's going to be nightmarishly short, especially with longer in the back. Perhaps I could get the gumption to go back and ask for the back trimmed shorter if it is as bad as I expect when curly? I did in fact pay good money for the cut.


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Anonymous said...

FOR THE LOVE... (again)

This cut looks right... at the moment of the photo... it frames your face right.

I can't speak for what you're going to experience 3 years from next Tuesday.

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