Home on a Keychain

Our anniversary is tomorrow, and I decided to buy myself a gift. (I bought Shawn a custom rain gauge, and with all the rain we've been having I've been sorely tempted to give it to him so we can measure!)

As for me, I need a new keychain, as the one I've been using (these little plastic/paper things our church gave out around Lent for two years) are absolutely falling apart. I used to have a keychain with Owen's picture on it, but that one too wore out (it was perfect -- purple suede with room for a baby picture ... but I have not been able to find its match).

I like to support small businesses, and crafty people abound online. I didn't expect shopping for a keychain to lead me to question "where is home?"

A lot of the keychain options on Etsy were sentimental locations -- GPS coordinates; hearts on a map to indicate a couple places, maybe where you are and where you're from; a state cutout, etc.

(Aside: my favorite option, which I didn't get but maybe later, was a crochet hook that had been cut in half and turned into a keychain!)

While my home is Baton Rouge, I don't know that I'd want that on a keychain. And while I always expect to identify with my Oklahoma roots, I don't really see that as home anymore either (although I do love the state outline so maybe that would have been a good option).

My real home is with Shawn, and for at least the next 16 years with Jane. How do you put that on a keychain, and do you really want to? (I realize a picture of them would work, but somehow that wasn't the vibe I was looking for.)

In the end I bought a simple fabric key fob that's purple and white chevron. It was $6 with shipping and should arrive a few days after our anniversary (mainly because I didn't think of it in time). Isn't it romantic?

And I also kept reminding myself that I live in the strong and unshakable kingdom of God -- regardless of my GPS coordinates at any given time.

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