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Happy Mother's Day 2014

It is SO great to be this little girl's mama. I read a Jezebel article this week about some moms who don't like the role of parent. The comments too were weird -- with some saying things like "every parent I know regrets having kids" or something to that effect. It made me so sad that not everyone gets to feel this deep joy. I know a lot of us do, and that is what keeps us going during the not-so-fun parts of parenthood.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who love being moms, to all the moms who don't like it as much, and to all the moms-to-be and those who want to be moms.


Sydney said…
How sad for the children of moms who regret their decision to have children. I'm with you, Mari. Being a mom is the best thing I ever did.
Rachael Neilan said…
Happy Mother's Day! Print and frame that is beautiful!
Mari said…
Thanks, Rach. This is a crop of a bigger picture (good grief on the toys in the background!), but this part of the image is definitely printable. Hope your Mother's Day was great! See you soon.

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