Bloggy Spruce Ups

I have owned the URL for several years now. There has been a home page there, and I even had a sub-site for our wedding stuff. I just deleted that today and redirected everything to be to this blog. Now IS this blog.

I hope everything is set correctly and that soon will redirect to (right now there is a random WordPress page coming up). Any bookmarks to should still redirect to the corresponding page on At least that's what the Google tutorial says. Please email me if there are any problems.

Unfortunately my host provider ( just automatically renewed my hosting, which I don't need if I'm going to have my site hosted as a blogger blog. It's not a lot of money, but it's still frustrating. Mainly I should have been paying better attention when I set up a recurring thing!

My next project is going to be getting actual content on, which I procured in the last few months. I think I chose the wrong domain registrar (Network Solutions) because it's proving to be tres difficult to get a free Blogger blog ( to work with the URL. All I really want is for the URL to host a resume. And it's only because I think it's cool to have your name as a URL. And perhaps someday I'll have more use for it and could develop a real site there separate from my online persona of silvermari.

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