What I Watch: 30 Rock

I've watched NBC's Thursday night comedy block for what seems like a long time. I feel like since ER was on (Seinfeld and Friends for sure), but probably only sporadically since then and for a few shows.

Now it seems like I watch the whole block, and I have a real issue with my DVR. The way NBC airs their shows they end right in the middle of the top or bottom of the hour. So no matter what I do I miss part of the "bumper" after the show. What I could do is just set my DVR to record every Thursday from 7-9:05 and watch it in a continuous stream (a la a VCR), but then I might miss a show if its moved to another night (seeing as how I don't really watch commercials). So I get by with missing the last joke on every show.

Anyway, one NBC comedy I've watched for a few years is 30 Rock. At first I avoided it because it seemed too "popular kids" -- it doesn't have a mass following but it has a loyal enough following that it stays on the air. Also it's very smart and has Tina Fey. What was I thinking? 

Well, I saw an episode on an airplane and since then I've been watching, watching, watching. I've seen a few back episodes on Comedy Central but definitely haven't seen all of the early seasons.

I liked watching it in New York, thinking "oh yeah, I know that," even though seriously their NYC is almost as absurd as the one on How I Met Your Mother.

Fey's Liz Lemon character has the BEST lines. And the show about the creation of a Saturday Night Live-like show is great. It's usually layered and nuanced, sometimes so much that I'm sure I don't get everything they're putting out there. The show also has its fair share of gross and what-were-they-thinking moments. I find the Kenneth character especially weird and troubling sometimes.

I love the banter between Fey and Alec Baldwin. No sexual tension, but just a comic boss-employee relationship with two characters who have radically opposing political leanings (while still managing to keep the entire show very liberal ... something you don't expect really from a sitcom: a political bias).

The show is ending this season, and hopefully I'll find it in me to NOT replace it by watching whatever takes its time slot ... although it actually seems to share a time slot with another show I watch (because 30 Rock isn't super popular it hasn't always had a full season, which is bizarre).

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