Isaac Debris

Interrupting the Berlin with Baby series to give a real-time post about baby's first hurricane (and mommy and daddy's first hurricane too!).

We survived Hurricane Isaac pretty much unscathed. We had a bit of debris/leaves/branches around and were without power for ~27 hours (10 am Wednesday until 1 pm Thursday). I'm not sure how we got so lucky to get power back so quickly, but I'm definitely grateful. It allowed me to keep all my breast milk stash (it all stayed rock hard frozen).

The garden never stood a chance ...
but only the cucumber plants were still living.
While we were in Berlin the zucchini completely disappeared/
died and the tomatoes never sprouted at all. Better luck next year?
The banana trees and this ginger (?) plant were pretty beaten down.
If I hadn't been so freaked by the possibility of days/weeks of no power I would have taken some video of the swaying trees and wind. I didn't do it though. Shawn said "next time." Perish the thought.

The storm itself was not scary. Last night's "trailer" thunderstorm was louder and kept me awake more than the hurricane did (it was the no AC heat and stickiness that kept me awake on Wednesday night). There was definitely a lot of rain and wind, but we were super lucky. Everything is OK here.

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