Berlin with Baby: Eating Alone

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

20120817_2_Newtoy_smAugust 17 -- Today I put on my big girl pants and sat in a restaurant alone – with Jane of course – and ordered mostly in German. It was an outdoor cafĂ© and I had milchkaffee (YUM) and broccoli & ham strudel (meh). It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and I really should have done it every day.

In my defense I was trying to game Jane’s moods and not make her have to sit in her stroller too much – or have to try to balance her while eating myself. Today she did just fine though. But most days for lunch I ate a sandwich on the go – either purchased for a couple Euros or made at the apartment.

20120817_1_Sand_smWe also found a spielplatz (playground). It was for older kids, but she had a good time watching other kids play. I put her in the sand and she wasn’t a fan. We went to a toy store and she picked out a toy – really the first time I know of that she expressed an opinion. Although maybe she was just grabbing for the nearest colorful thing? But there were lots of colorful things so who knows.


Rachael Neilan said...

Hah! I love Jane's expression in the sand. Does she like sitting on grass?

Mari said...

I don't know if she likes sitting on grass -- I'm not sure I've ever let her sit on it!

Sydney said...

I wondered why Jane looked so disgruntled in the picture. Funny girl. She better get over it, being the beach loving family that we are.

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