Berlin with Baby: Jetlag

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

20120805_2_smAugust 8--Think your baby has trouble sleeping? Try giving her jetlag and then see how it goes.

Jane is typically a pretty good sleeper. And even though she stopped sleeping through the night we still had a general routine and could count on some sleep and some time to ourselves in the evenings. Coming to Germany has put an end to everything – so far – and made us question our decision to cart our bambino overseas!

Our first night wasn’t so bad because we were all exhausted. Shawn was able to get Jane to sleep and then we all slept for a few hours. We woke up for dinner and then had a pretty easy time going back to sleep around 8 p.m. Berlin time (1 p.m. Baton Rouge time).

Night #2 was quite a change. We kept Jane out later than we should – about 8 p.m. – having coffee with one of Shawn’s colleagues. It took HOURS to get her to go to sleep, even while Shawn and I were exhausted ourselves and trying to shake our own jetlag. She had never been that upset over sleeping, so I think it was mostly the cortisol and other stress hormones keeping her from drifting off. And even when she would she would awake soon after screaming.

Oh me.

Night #3 was still rough, but not as much screaming. She just stayed awake and played for several hours. We didn’t sleep so late after that, so hopefully we’re more on the Berlin time schedule.

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