Weirdness Waits

Correspondent to the crazies?

I got a letter yesterday -- to this address although the apartment was incorrect. Mysterious return address in Queens.

Reading the letter ... it's from someone at church. I can't tell if the church gave her my address (my checks have the old apartment number on them, so it's impossible for me to get them to understand I've moved because they base everything on the money, honey) or if she gave the letter to the church office to address (different ink and the handwriting looks a little different on the address itself, although I'm not entirely sure).

Whatever the case, the letter talks about Stillwater, Oklahoma, and begs me to call her. (My name and former church were listed in the bulletin when I transferred my membership ... and yes, I didn't transfer membership to either my Maryland or Virginia churches ... and I should have joined the NYC church sooner, but hindsight, 20-20 and all that.)

The letter asked to call between 1 pm and 5 pm "for reasons she would explain." So I tried around 2 pm and got a busy signal. Hit redial a few times, still busy. Had a bunch of work stuff crop up, on and on, but just before 5 I remembered to try again and the call went through.

She practically cried and still wasn't clear about what she wants from me other than to talk. I'm going to meet her before church on Sunday. Just what I need.

I have a feeling she's living in rehab or something because she talked about where she lives as the ghetto, not a nice place, but basically seemed to imply that she has a curfew and ... I don't know. It all seems very sketchy BUT I think meeting in the church can't be too bad and maybe she's just a lonely person who needs to talk. I seem to know another person like that ... (hello, my name is Mari and I'm terrible at making friends.)

Speaking of my ability to demolish seemingly strong friendships, I dreamed about Sage last night. It was so real and bizarre. I think it was prompted because we saw a woman with the EXACT same face as Sage at the NYU women's basketball games at Stevens.

That in itself (the championship game) was a lot of fun, but I seriously think we were were the ONLY two NYU fans there. There were a few other people from NYU but I think they were all members of the athletics department and therefore couldn't cheer/boo/whatever. We harassed the opposing fans (who were sitting all around us) ...

I have a seriously loud clap, the gym was otherwise quite and I would do a rhythmic clap during NYU's key defensive moments. That made the Stevens fans so upset and annoyed that they started doing it to NYU when Stevens was on defense. It's very effective. I guess my Big 12 cheering skills came in handy there. (And the NYU women won the game/tournament ... although it came down to luck I thought, since their defense was utter poo.)

So I'm a fan, but not a fan girl in that I can't bring myself to actually speak to the players/tell them good job or that I enjoyed watching them compete this year. So I do it semi-anonymously on a blog that they'll never read.

Go Violets!

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