A Cake for the Day He Was Born

Shawn and Cake 2010
Originally uploaded by silvermari
I baked a cake today!

Shawn's birthday is tomorrow. Happy, happy day!

The cake was OK -- a little tough for some reason, probably was over mixed but made from scratch and with LOVE! I got to use my PURPLE Kitchen-Aid mixer. Wedding present for the win.

Click on his photo to see more images from the cake baking process on Flickr.

There's probably a way to use Picasa to show a slideshow of them here, but all this baking tuckered me out. And the basketball games. Yowza! My bracket is a mess. But so fun to watch the games.

There's a chill in the air here - after a warm weekend when we sat outside in Washington Square Park. Crazy weather, but soaking it up anyway.


Sydney said...

What a cute birthday boy!

Anonymous said...

We remember the night quite well.

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