My Own IT Technician

Last night I spent a couple hours playing with Blogger in Draft and ended up with a new-ish look for this blog. It's wider ... which was one of my main dislikes about the old template choices ... and I tweaked the colors a bit more. I really like the new template options but decided against a photo background. Maybe later.

Next up -- making the home of this blog and doing away with the few outdated pages that live on that domain now. I think I've got the steps to do that, just need to implement them. And it's possible the blog would be down for a couple days, so I'll have to be strategic. The blogspot URL will still work -- just forward to my domain.

I think I can make tabs within the blog and have a static "about" section, or just have my crochet project posts together ... still exploring and mulling. But I think I've convinced myself to stay with blogspot and it's Google-y goodness instead of the hassle of transferring/updating to a WordPress blog. It's also made me think about my old Tripod blog and whether I could/should port over some of those entries. It would give me a more robust archive, which could be good for SEO.

Related techno-wizardry. I got a new work computer. It came in a box ... with no instructions. There is a docking station that seemed pretty self explanatory, but who knew? I did manage to figure out how to get everything working -- laptop in the docking station, connected to monitor, etc. And I can switch back and forth relatively easily to the old tower (because I've inevitably forgotten to wipe various things off the tower and need to look up some settings, etc.). This is the same computer that had my login set as "Mary" ... setting off the snit fit of a couple weeks ago.

I've also read through (top-line) all the posts on this blog, modifying a couple ... everything seems OK now, but we'll see. It was fun to travel back in time. Like talking to younger versions of myself. I really do write like I talk, although I'm not sure the people who tell me that mean it as a complement. Meh.

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Sydney said...

Where do you find the new templates?Mine still has the old ones. Are the new ones found elsewhere?

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