Checked into the hotel in DC for the work event. Was quite the ordeal to get here ... an hour behind schedule and just ... yech. I didn't plan food so got super super hungry.

As a member of this hotel reward thing I get a "raid the honor bar" thing -- $10 worth of free honor bar stuff. Oh man, I was so hungry and took a look through the offerings. There was a King Size Snickers bar -- a COLD king size Snickers bar. You'll be proud to know that I abstained and managed to get to a restaurant (where I had a hamburger, but still...). I wish there were a way to ask for a "no sugar" or "low sugar" honor bar. Or maybe I should have just said no thanks to the key. I don't want to leave the free $10 of food though -- probably enough for one bottle of water. Oh brother.

The hotel room itself is SWANK. Bigger than our apartment (minus the kitchen). There's a seating area with a couch -- a PURPLE couch. OMG! The bed is huge and plush. The TV is ginormous. There's free wifi (another perk of this hotel reward thing) and a sitting area for make up application. HA! And this week I'll actually be wearing some makeup. Hope I remember how to put it on. Also Topaz is my birth stone.

I had my meeting with the mystery letter writer. She does live in a rehab place or halfway house. Nothing was clear except she wants to move to Oklahoma (specifically Tulsa), where she thinks that she will get more for her money (probably true BUT Tulsa is still a city). She didn't ask me specifically for anything, but I will pray for her and over the situation. She suggested going to a museum or city garden together, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable doing that. BUT I didn't know how to say that, so she probably thinks I will call her. And I'll have to feel guilty about that for a while.

Daylight savings time is killing me. I had to get up earlier than normal to get to church before the service to meet with this woman. And then with the time change it was even EARLIER, basically I woke up two hours earlier than a normal Sunday and one hour earlier than a normal workday! This week will be full of odd times, given that I have to wake up earlier and actually commute tomorrow and Wednesday, and of course Tuesday my day starts at 7 a.m. and will last until 10 p.m. or thereabouts.

Here's hoping for a smooth, easy and successful day of events.

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