Going to the Bayou

Apologies to those on my e-mail list who also read my blog, but I couldn't NOT post this here. I actually could not post it until now, although I wrote and sent this message on March 13.

Shawn has accepted a position at Louisiana State University! We will be moving from New York to Baton Rouge in early August and are really looking forward to the next phase of our lives.

Shawn will be an assistant professor with a teaching load of one and one, and he’ll have a lot of great opportunities for collaboration. And the school’s color is purple!

Beyond permanent employment and a clear career path for Shawn, the move to Baton Rouge will provide a home base and some life luxuries I’m really looking forward to: more living space (a real bedroom!), a washer and dryer, and a car. I’m giddy just thinking about the positive changes in store for us, but there’s also a bittersweet feeling about leaving New York that has surprised me.

Our time here has been filled with ups (getting engaged at the Top of the Rock) and downs (remember the bedbugs?). The long goodbye to the city has begun. We will be doing all the touristy things we haven’t yet done and enjoying a final spring in the city. Someone told me that New York is an easy place to visit once you’ve lived here, but I know won't be the same.

We are both over the moon about this opportunity and all the future holds for us. Go Tigers!

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Heather said...

Really excited for you! Also, good thinking on choosing an SEC school. Please, please, please go to some of the football and baseball games (I know you love basketball, but the SEC sort of sucks at that).

Congratulations a hundred times over. :)

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