Guitar World

Being in Dupont Circle takes me back in time a little bit. That was the main subway stop during my DC summer internship (gasp, NINE years ago ... surely that's not right, but it is).

I would ride the bus from the Georgetown dorms and walk to my internship office. (If I'm remembering correctly I did not take the subway every day, although I could be wrong.)

There's the guitar shop where David found strings ... David the ringer for Justin Timberlake. Wonder what happened to him.

And the Starbucks where I figured out that what I really like to drink -- mocha frappuccino (can you say sugar rush?) and first ate an espresso brownie. (Don't judge, I'm from the middle of nowhere! Starbucks was a big deal to me when I was 20!)

Everything came together swimmingly for tomorrow. I know I'll have trouble sleeping tonight, but tomorrow night's sleep will be BLISS.

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