Working from Another Place

In addition to my regular work email address I also am responsible for the "editor" and "webmaster" inboxes. Unfortunately I don't know the passwords for those accounts to check them remotely and it's always a problem when I travel.

I had a flash of "brilliance" before we left for Christmas. I could set up a rule in Outlook to forward all messages in those inboxes into my main email box.

In theory, brilliant.

In reality ... I am still not seeing any of my editor or webmaster e-mails BUT every message that comes into my main inbox is then forwarded again to my main e-mail, resulting in a duplicate set of messages. It's easy enough to just delete as they come in, or select all messages from myself and delete, but come on. I even thought I tested it, but clearly not.

I guess if this is my only work issue I'm doing OK, and for the most part I am.

UPDATE: I figured out how to delete those rules. I couldn't edit them, and Outlook online gave me grief about things not matching with regular Outlook when I turn it on next, but that's OK with me. At least my inbox is clean(er). I guess I'll just slog through the webmaster and editor inboxes on Monday. Probably not much will be there. I'll try to figure out a solution the next time I travel and work. Hrm.

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