This character in a kids show has caught on ... at least the name is being used by my sister and myself as a put down ... like a Doofus, but with a long crazy word. We're loving it. I've been an even bigger doofenshmirtz this week than normal, and that's saying something.

It is ridiculously cold here. (Requisite weather update for my loyal Danville reader(s)) The snow started falling again, but it's much lighter than the blizzard of Christmas 09. It's falling consistently but apparently much less wind and not as bitterly cold. Am looking forward to playing in the snow some more. We've built snowmen and snow angels. When I get my act together I'll transfer photos and post retrospectives. Probably best as I enjoy actually BEING with Owen when I'm here and then documenting our activities later when I can be a little more deliberate about things.

With this post I beat my 2008 record for posts in a year. Maybe I should set a numerical goal for 2010 -- 300 posts? Should be do-able. I am also considering doing NaBloPoMo more often. (The theme for January is "best" ... but I'm not convinced I want to do 31 posts in 31 days ... maybe in February)

Off to Gran's, where Owen has been since lunch. Easier to concentrate when he's not here BUT working isn't nearly as fun.

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Sydney said...

How do you know what the monthly blog themes are? Is there a NaBloPoMo website?

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