Broken Down

Our bathroom sink is out of commission. Lame-oh. They couldn't find the part at a local store so had to special order it. Today it came and of course it doesn't work. Now they have to order something else - another two days. If you turn on the water it floods out on the floor. I asked if they could just put it back like it was (a small, barely noticeable leak but still usable sink) but they said the part disintegrated in the first place. I hope the part comes in so I can brush my teeth in the bathroom instead of in the kitchen! Good heavens.

I lost a button on my coat. It was hanging on by a thread, so I knew I needed to sew it back, but when I tried to pull it off and put it in my pocket it wouldn't budge so I thought it was OK. Of course I lost it either while on the subway or in the gym dressing room. Hopefully I can find a replacement black, round 1-inch plastic button for my coat. Waaaah.

I guess minor annoyances are the name of the game, but there you go.

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