We Reserve the Right...

Walked all the way to the doctor's office this morning without ANYONE annoying me. Usually there's someone on the street who steps in front of me, or a car almost hits me or something. But today, refreshingly, it was just a chilly walk to Union Square faced with no annoyances.

That ended when I got on the elevator and was bumped by someone else, forcefully. But I gritted my teeth and tried to keep the contentment going. God waits for me in the stillness.

Didn't really work when I had to wait for the doctor for 20+ minutes after the appointment time (40 minutes total), even though I was the first appointment of the day. Then I only spoke to her for about 5 minutes, forgot to ask some questions, etc. Gah. And I really didn't appreciate this message in the waiting room:

"Please be advised that if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we reserve the right to reschedule it."

I wonder if this applies coming late to the appointment when your doctor is running an hour and a half behind (true story, and why I selected the earliest appointment possible). Because if you show up late you're effectively early since she won't be seeing you on time anyway.

I'd never be brave enough to test that theory though.

Another couple early mornings in my future as I head out to a work-related conference here in the city. Someone gave me a comp invite, and although it's not ideal because of my upcoming travel/vacation schedule and work load I'm faced with, I'm still taking any chance I can get to get out of the apartment and among the living.

Can't promise daily posts in December, but today I needed to write this if only to get to post 667!

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