Saks Snowflakes Carol of the Bells

Here's a video from last night, the Saks Fifth Avenue snowflake light show:

Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflakes from Mari Walker on Vimeo.

The snow is coming down now, but nothing major like I'd been led to believe. Apparently in Danville it's a mess. Beth said we might get snow on Christmas in Oklahoma, but I'll believe that when I see it!

Photos from last night's visit to the Rock Center Christmas tree. This year Shawn wins the prize for better photographer in that I'm in focus, but my shot of him has the entire tree in the frame, so take your pick! (To be fair he got one picture of the tree and me, but I don't look as cute in it/am slightly out of focus, so blogger prerogative!)


Clearly we're feeling good and living it up in the city. I'm excited about being sort of snowed in tonight. I've got the Christmas tunes going and a crochet project to start.

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