In a Miami Minute

I am not good at vacationing on my own. I'm thinking I'm probably not good at vacationing together either, but I digress.

Anyway, I wasted two hours driving round-trip today to Cauley Square ... and when I got there I was the only shopper, everything seemed overgrown and REEKED of nag champa. The killer part was after I saw a couple cats a LIVE raccoon was looking at me, sitting on the path with its little paws up, almost like it would attack. I just backed away and headed back to the car, not even going in any of the shops. I guess I give up too easily.

I went back to South Beach and had lunch, watched the waves for a while and then went to a free Botanical garden (get what you pay for aka dud city) and the Holocaust monument there (kind of a creepy sculpture, but that's part of the point). After driving aimlessly (well, toward a shopping center) I couldn't find parking nearby and just gave up, went back to the hotel, went to the gym and then a very brief swim. I'm reading a 12-year-old Steven King book that I picked up at Target yesterday and YOWZA I'd forgotten how great of a writer he is, and I'll have to start reading more of his stuff that I've missed.

This is what I get for not planning and being more oriented. But I'm having fun driving when it's on the bridges over the water with the sweeping views of the city skyline and/or the shore line. Thank goodness for the GPS (photo of Shawn setting it up the first time in the rental car -- a brand new 2010 Nissan Altima with 4 miles on the odometer before we got it). I haven't transferred over any other photos yet, but will.

Blogger girl out, as I think Shawn may be finished practicing his presentation, in which case I can go back upstairs to the room. Although Interneting is so fun!

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