Work It

Someone once told me "You're lucky you don't care how you look."

I know it was meant as a backhanded complement, but it just sticks in my mind. It's sort of true. I don't take a lot of time on myself ... makeup or hair, and working from home my clothes are just jeans and T-shirts.

I've started taking efforts to exercise and improve my health, which absolutely impacts the way I look and feel. Living in NYC I should probably be more concerned about my appearance, but again being in the apartment all day renders that moot.

As far as my clothes, I'm SOOOO cheap, or frugal if you want to put a positive spin on things. I buy stuff online sometimes, and I did a mini-spree at JC Penney's when it opened in Herald Square. But for the most part I don't spend much on clothes.

But I'm not tempted by the idea of Bloomingdale's, Saks, Bergdorf, etc. being within reach. I think even if I could afford a $500 bag or shoes or even a suit I wouldn't do it!

However, I think there may be some vanity in me yet. I like to read design blogs and look at pretty pictures of fashion. And I do live in NYC, so just walking down the street looking into windows. I can tell you purple is H-O-T. And even though I can't afford the high dollar fashion I see here, I can replicate some of the looks with the Target and Old Navy and Gap fashions I have ... if I had anywhere to go. I guess that's what church is for!

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