Skitzoid Weather

The weather here is really swinging from one extreme to another. On Saturday it was gloomy, rainy and chilly. Sunday it was warm enough to run around in the sun in short sleeves. (Not hot but definitely mid-60s.) Today we're back to a chillier, November-like weather day.

This of course means that our apartment was super-warm yesterday and that we needed to keep the windows wide open. I've mentioned that the windows have no screens -- they open out, so screens just wouldn't be possible on them. Last night we killed two mosquitos and I woke up around 2:30 a.m. with multiple bites and boiling hot (and fairly certain I hadn't fully drifted off to sleep). I rubbed one of my many anti-itch remedies (ca. bedbug battle of 08) on the spots, got a cool pack from the freezer and was able to go to sleep that way. Shawn woke up and examined the bed for bedbugs by flashlight and tried (probably successfully) to kill the third mosquito that was causing so much trouble.

Whatever the case, I woke up crankier than usual. But the skeeter bites are diminished and not itching today, so it's good to know my body isn't having the same wild reaction that it does to multiple bedbug bites.

Also, the previous post seemed a little ... I don't know the right word. It's not "inspirational" words I think I have when I'm composing posts in my head.

The posts in my head just have better stories than what I tap out on the keyboard. Because I think about the details and quirks and word play. I would have to be more dedicated to journaling ... writing things down as they enter my mind ... to be consistent.

I really like writing something every day, and I think I would continue if it didn't seem so self-indulgent. It creates a self-awareness to write about ME every day. So I should ideally find another topic -- like a content marketing blog for something that's actually worthy of being content. I'll keep working on that.

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